How It works:


Busy Bee Realty makes it easy.  Selling a House is a complicated process.  Busy Bee Realty makes it easy.  Read Our Testimonials.


Busy Bee Realty participates in  a Huge Internet Advertising Network.  Your House listed in that Internet Network creates Super Internet exposure for your home. 


First, your home is Marketed to get Buyers Agents thru the Multiple Listing Service & is Marketed to Potential Buyers thru Websites like Realtor.Com, Trulia, Zillow, etc.

Second,  Busy Bee Realty negotiations to get Your Best Price. 

Third, Busy Bee Realty assists with required Inspections, Appraisals, and any negotiations that come from those inspections are handled. 

Fourth, Busy Bee Realty helps you prepare for Closing as needed


1.  You Read about the Programs on the Webpage.

2.  We Discuss the Programs and You Decide which Program You Want.

3.  Busy Bee Realty Emails or Faxes Your Listing Forms to You.

4.  You Email Busy Bee Realty pictures of Your Home For Sale.

5.  You Complete the Listing Forms and Email or Fax the Listing Forms to Busy Bee Realty.

6.  Busy Bee Realty Uploads Your Home's Information to the Multiple Listing Service.

7.  Busy Bee Realty MLS Uploads to Many Websites for the Public, such as Realtor.Com

8.  You Show the Home to Potential Buyers that Call You.

9.  Busy Bee Realty Forward Emails and Faxes From Potential Buyers to YOU.

10. You CAll Potential Buyers and Show the Home.

11. Busy Bee Realty Receives Offers from Buyer's Agents & Potential Buyers.

12.  Busy Bee Realty Forwards Offers to You.

13.  Busy Bee Realty Sends Counter Offers back to Potential Buyers and Buyer's Agent's.

14.  Busy Bee Realty Assists with Appointments with Inspectors, Appraisers, etc.

15.  Busy Bee Realty Assists in ReNegotiations if neccessary after inspections & appraisal

16.  Busy Bee Realty Reviews HUD on the telephone the day before closing.  Title Co must provide

17.  Busy Bee Realty Removes Your Home From the Multiple Listing Service.

18  You Get Paid. 

The process is very easy.  Busy Bee Realty makes the process easy.  Please Go To My Testimonials Section on this website to see how easy previous clients say it is. 


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