Home Buyer Rebates


Home Buyer Rebates


1. Call Busy Bee Realty - 502 759 4663. Discuss the Home Buyer Rebate Program. Learn about the Home Buyer Rebate Program. Learn about Flat Fee Listing. Many clients save thousands of dollars selling their homes with Flat Fee Listing and then get thousands of dollars when they buy their next home.

2. Read thru this website to get information about the Home Buyer Rebate Program.

3. Get a Preapproval Letter from a lender. You will learn what amount you can borrow, what your monthly payments will be and it gives you clout when you put in a purchase offer. Discuss the buyer rebate program with the lender. The lender will show you loan programs that will work with a buyer rebate. Busy Bee Realty can help refer you to lenders for this purpose.

4. Print out the forms on the home rebate program website. Send completed forms to Busy Bee Realty. Keep copies of the forms for the home buyer rebate and the Listing Agent Showing Bonus.

5. Find homes that you want to see. Email Busy Bee Realty with the address of those homes.

6. Contact the Listing Agent to arrange a showing. Immediately let the Listing Agent know that your represented by Busy Bee Realty and that Busy Bee Realty will not accompany you on the visit. That you need the Listing Agent to open the property, accompany you on your home tour, and secure the property after. Let the Listing Agent know that Busy Bee Realty offers the Listing Agent Showing Bonus of 10% of the Buyers Agent Commission for showing the property payable at a successful closing.

7. Give the Listing Agent a copy of the Listing Agent Showing Bonus when you arrive at the property. Do not sign anything for the Listing Agent. Do not ask the Listing Agent questions about the property. Keep a list of your questions and Busy Bee Realty will get the answers for you. The Listing Agent represents the Seller, not you. As the Buyer, Busy Bee represents you. Wait until you get home, then call Busy Bee.

8. If you decide to put in a offer, Busy Bee Realty will do it for you. If you have questions about the property, Busy Bee Realty will ask them for you. Busy Bee Realty will be fighting for you during negotiations. Busy Bee Realty will provide advice/forms/mentoring and make the process as easy as possible.

9. This system allows the Home Buyer to get "paid" for their work in searching for a home. And it allows you to have your own professional representation (Not the Listing Agent representing both seller and buyer). Why would a buyer want their Realtor to represent both sides? You are making one of the biggest investments you will ever make - don't you deserve your own Realtor? I think so.
Go to www.kentuckyhomebuyerrebate.com  for more info. 

Chuck Bahner, Broker Busy Bee Realty flatfee@outlook.com 502 759 4663